contributed a great deal to the development of the performance of percussion ensembles on stage. Typical in the idiom of Dolf’s works are multi-rythmical elements, but always put into a musical context. That’s why the compositions were so challenging and inspiring to work on and perform.

In 2007, I was very excited to conduct the solo-concerto for alto-saxophone and percussion ensemble: ‘Funeral Blues’, especially composed again for Crescendo and my husband Egon Smit as a soloïst. It was a very intense collaboration in which Dolf really got into the technical and musical possibilities of both the soloïst, the percussionists and all the instruments to be used.
Although Dolf’s compositions are not always ‘ easy-listening’ , it’s evident that they cause a lot of excitement and wonder to performers and listeners. A ‘ De Kinkelder’ work has to be experienced in the broadest sense of the word.