about Tsaar Saltaan, prins Guidoon en de Zwaan

“Dolf de Kinkelder. I have worked with him at Jeugdtheater Kwatta before – we made IJssprookje and Vlucht together – and I was very enthusiastic about it. When I ask Dolf to make music, it is like bringing your Opel Kadett to the garage and getting a Ferrari back. If I get my lyrics back from him on music then it has become exceptionally beautiful!”

Wannie de WijnDirector, actor and play writer

I worked together with Dolf de Kinkelder from 2004 – 2008, when I was conductor of the Crescendo percussion group in Ooy – Zevenaar (NL.) Dolf wrote his piece ‘CrissCross’ for this ensemble, to perform at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, 2005. It was a very innovative composition at that time and it…
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Ria KornetConductor - Percussionist

I consider it as a great honour having been able to cooperate with Dolf for more than 33 years – at first as a student, later as a colleague. He is one of the men who made me who I am today. A real pleasure, with nothing but valuable memories.

Michiel Braamcomposer/pianist/band leader - Head of Jazz&Pop at ArtEZ University of the Arts

“I was very impressed by Kinkelder’s pieces; really an asset to the percussion repertoire”

Jos van der Sijdemember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017

“Dolf de Kinkelder is a very creative teacher who‘s always looking for a fresh way to adjust himself to each of his students. He focuses on their strongest abilities and lets them…
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Zacharias FalkenbergGerman composer & former Master student of Dolf

about TAO II Augmented, which he conducted several times

“It’s a briljant piece, really very well structured”

Clark Rundellconductor

“What can you say about Dolf? When he composes his stagemusik, the songs feel like a measured dinnerjacket that fits you like a glove. Aria’s, songs – both classic and modern – he lets you sing…
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Egidius Pluymenactor & singer, worked with Dolf in 6 productions of Kwatta Theatre Company

about Rake Klappen

“Thank you for a variety of music! There are some FABULOUS musicians in the ensemble. The level of concentration and individual control is to be commended! Bravo!

Linda Moorhousemember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017

about De Waoterwolf

“The direction of Theo Soontiëns, the beautiful lighting and the excellent sound decor by Dolf de Kinkelder create all the conditions to tell an exciting story.”

Nicole BeaujeanDe Gelderlander

about Shuffle Chimes Song

“Just MAGICAL! And a stunning performance!”

Simone Rebellomember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017