about De Verloedering 3

“De Kinkelder? De Kinkelder. If Het Gelders Orkest plays Dvorak in Winterswijk, Bruckner in Doetinchem, Grieg in Tiel, Bernstein in Arnhem, Keuris in Nijmegen, why shouldn’t they play De Kinkelder Zutphen? Messiaen-like unisons in strings…
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Roland de BeerDe Volkskrant

De Verloedering 3 by Dolf de Kinkelder, with which Het Gelders Orkest started his Sunday matinee in the Nijmegen Vereeniging, remains a piece written very well for the orchestra. There is a good and well built up…
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Wil KoxDe Gelderlander

referring to CrissCross and Funeral Blues

“The percussionists of Slagwerkgroep Crescendo Zevenaar are leading at the international music congress WASBE in Ireland, july 2007. Because of the level of the musicians, but also because the repertoire of Crescendo is amazingly innovative.”

Bert AaldersPresident of the international music conference of WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles)

about cabaret artist Mars Teunisz

“Of good level are also the lyrics about love and inability with dazzling music by Dolf de Kinkelder.”

Rien van den HeuvelDe Gelderlander

referring to Dolf’s graduation with The Prize for Composition of the Rotterdam Conservatory

“It is also far from usual that someone is so versatile. What is striking about Dolf de Kinkelder, however, is that he makes equally impressive music in all areas. In fact, his tight relationship with Jazz and Pop leaves its mark, even in his “contemporary” works,…
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Doron NaganDe Volkskrant

“Also very special was Funeral Blues, in which in a melancholy way – also by a saxophone that exceeds its range for more than an octave – the brilliant tone is set for a mourning, in which the rather diverse emotions are subtly expressed.”

Willem van KoppenhagenDe Gelderlander

about CrissCross

“And, quite surprisingly, treat your audience to a rain of strokes on tincans and the effect of the dialogue between a handful of gravel and a small zinc bucket. Quite fascinating, surprising, varied and very interesting.”

Willem van KoppenhagenDe Gelderlander

But Stemmen is mainly intrinsically sharp and layered youth theater, full of comedy, music and drama, in which the musicality of Theatre can be fully explored.”

Bart DeussDe Volkskrant

about Stemmen

“Very well done!”

Frans StrijardsDirector and play writer

about Tsaar Saltaan, prins Guidoon en de Zwaan

“During the whole performance the stage is also for the musicians of Het Gelders Orkest. They hardly play a role, literally, but figuratively – by means of the compositions of Dolf de Kinkelder – they provide a large part of the atmosphere, the tension and the thrill, as if it were film music.”

Moon Saris8weekly