about Funeral Blues

“Most impressive opening ever experienced!!”

Peter Vulpenhorstmember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017

about Funeral Blues

“Very dramatic opening and a great blend of colors and tones. The music is very descriptive and atmospheric.”

Simone Rebellomember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017

about Funeral Blues

“As a whole highly impressive!”

Ruud Böhmermember of the jury of the World Music Contest 2017

about Funeral Blues

“Minutes of applause. After an immense silence. Preceded by unholy violence. Lamentation. Cutting through the soul. Heartbreaking lines of poetry. And breathtaking vibraphone, circular sawblades and glockenspiel.”

Annejaap van EerselConductor's Journal De Dirigent

referring to a concert of Orchestra de ereprijs at Amphion Doetinchem

“And then came the premiere: De Verloedering 2 by Dolf de Kinkelder. A piece of which one can conclude that it was made by an intelligent craftsman: a contrapuntal style – which is even to the listener transparent – a huge climax…
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Roel RoelfzemaDe Graafschapbode

De Verloedering 2 is an asset. The piece fits Ereprijs as a tailor-made suit, in terms of both instrumentation and repertoire. The middle part is very rhythmic and has a Bigband-like character. In addition,…
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Rijk van RotterdamArnhemse Courant

referring to a concert at De Doelen Rotterdam

“Between two mainly craftsman pieces, Dolf de Kinkelder’s Cartastraccia for soprano saxophone and ensemble was striking considering his consistent and well-constructed argument, with non-enforced but unmistakable Swing.”

Hein CalisAlgemeen Dagblad

referring to Neergeslagen Ogen, with which Dolf won the jury- and choir prize

“An exemplary combination of text and music.”

Gilles MichelsJury chairman of the composition competition "30 Years Brabant Choir"

“A composition of 5 minutes that can be rehearsed in half an hour. That was the assignment of the Composition Competition “30 jaar Brabant Koor”. Objective: new appropriate repertoire for non-professional choirs. The jury and choir prize… went to Neergeslagen Ogen by Dolf de Kinkelder, who best met the criteria. “An exemplary combination of text and music” according to jury chairman Gilles Michels.”
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Marjolijn SengersHet Brabants Dagblad

about Cartastraccia

“The name Dolf de Kinkelder should be remembered well from now on. He has managed to develop into an inventor of music with a very original face within a short time. And a far-developed soundcapability that enables him…

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Maarten BrandtDe Arnhemse Courant