Frontphoto : Floor Thissen

Other pieces in this program: Magie 2Mahaba Madhara (in the category Theatre) and Magie 1 (in the category Concert)

Conductor: John Sonderen – Percussiongroup Crescendo Zevenaar; Floor Thissen voc, Sophie Ansems vl

Digital Stress concerns a third aspect of our program WAANZIN (Madness) – that you are totally driven mad by smartphones, computers, mail, sms, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, and of music that is exclusively made on the computer: Techno!
I hate my computer          All my devices are a mess          My cellphone drives me crazy            Digital Stress

Floor Thissen (seen from back) – Vivian Selman

Sophie Ansems – Vivian Selman

Pim Willemsen – Frans Witjes – Maarten Zaagman

Nike van Essen – Maarten Zaagman