Other pieces in this program: Funeral BluesShuffle Chimes SongMachine Machine

Conductor: John Sonderen – Soloists: Egon Smit sax; Maarten Zaagman keys; Teun de Koning drums – Percussion Group Crescendo Zevenaar The Netherlands

In this already diverse program we felt the need for a second piece for our saxophoneplayer Egon Smit, this time on sopranosaxophone. It is a Jazz/Funk-piece, and the percussiongroup is completed with three keyboards (played by members of the percussiongroup). Saxophonist, keyboardist and drummer also improvise.
Originally we wanted it to be the last piece of the program. Therefore the title – on the one hand – cites to a sweet dessert, on the other hand to the English frase for something that is very easy (ironically – the piece is very difficult).